Saint Andronicus hosts fencing training on Thursdays from 6:30pm, along with Heavy, provided willing Fencers turn up!

Rapier, or fencing, is somewhat similar to its modern counterpart. Unlike modern fencing, not only is movement unrestricted, meaning you can go left or right as well as forward and back, but offhand weapons can be used. These range from daggers or small shields, to single shot “rubber-band guns”, or even a cape – which can be used to entangle an opponent’s weapon, or thrown at them as a distraction!

Fencing is done with real steel weapons, with caps on the tips for safety. It is fought at full-speed but with minimal force, as a firm touch is generally all that is required of a “good” blow. Still, fencers have to wear protective equipment, including an equivalent to a modern fencing mask – which often takes the form of a hood with mesh, or a helm with its eyes or opening covered – and pierce-resistant clothing.

The Barony also has Fencing practice every Sunday, from 2pm. Baronial events are held at the French Scout Hall in Ainslie, at the intersection of Ebden Street and Hassall Street.