Saint Andronicus occasionally holds special-event archery shoots on campus.

The SCA practices both target shooting and combat archery – in which you can shoot people! Real live, running, often annoyed-looking, people!

Target archery is much like its modern counterpart, only with a restriction on the bow you can use – only a recurve, as it more accurately reflects period archery.

Similarly, Combat Archers are restricted to recurve bows with a maximum limit of 30 pounds. Combat Archers must wear armour, just like Heavies, and can shoot at people on the field and be shot at – but cannot be hit by Heavies. Instead they are killed by being approached within five yards, and told clearly “you are slain!” So, if you want to fight in war and shoot people but the idea of being hit and possibly trampled doesn’t so much appeal to you, consider a career in combat archery!

We have loaner gear – two or three spare bows with arrows – so it is not necessary to bring your own equipment.

The local Barony has regular archery training, at the Tuggeranong Archery Club every Sunday at 10am. They also have gear you can borrow, so feel free to go along and try it out!