The College attends many events, and occasionally holds one of it’s own.

Our next event is the 2017 Newcomer’s Feast!

Join us, and enjoy a heavy tournament and fencing tournament, then in the evening a wonderful feast! Bring yourself and any games or small projects you may have to enjoy throughout the day.

Prices: $25 member $30 for non-members.
New comers $15.
Children 12 and under get in free.
*Discounts for volunteers are available but must be discussed with a Steward before the event.

Book for the event here! Places are limited, so get in fast!

In addition:

Kingdom Events that the College finds itself regularly attending include Rowany Festival, Spring War, Fields of Gold, Border War, and College War. Click here for more details, and approximate dates!

The College of Saint Andronicus has held many of it’s own events. Click here for more details and thrilling recounts!