Past Events

This is a list of events that Saint Andronicus has hosted, or that have otherwise been important to our College. Let those who performed service at these events never be forgotten, for their efforts enrich the Society for us all.

College War, 2012
Our first event as a College, hosted by Saint Aldhelm (ANU).

Spring War, 2012
Our first away event. And we won the war!

The Feast of Saint Andronicus, 2012
Our first event as Stewards.

Fields of Gold, 2013
The Event where the College became a full, independent group within the SCA.

Midwinter Coronation, 2014
At this event Andronicus pioneered live-streaming of a Crown Tournament.

College War, 2014
Our second College War, hosted by Saint Ursula (Uni of Sydney).

The Feast of the Forgotten East, 2014
The Second iteration of the Feast of Saint Andronicus, and another celebrated success!

The Andronicus Food and Gardening Collegium, 2014
An event hosted by Andronicus, celebrating all things feasty!

The Saint Andronicus Christmas Archery Shoot and Movie Night, 2014
A Christmas party and archery shoot we threw for our members.